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Author Topic: 2001 Gibson Custom Shop J-45 Repair or no worries?  (Read 96 times)
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Acoustic crack question.
I have a 2001 Custom Shop Gibson J-45.
I noticed this week purely by chance because of the light, that on the G and B string there is a crack which seems to run from tuner hole to tuner hole.

I could be wrong, but it almost appears as if it were addressed some point before I bought it. I’m at least the 3rd owner. Amazing sounding guitar.
You can barely and I mean barely feel the crack if you run a guitar pick over it. Where the lacquer/nitro ends at the head stock does not seem to be consistent with the finish on the neck which is why part of me believes it has been repaired already. The crack looks very tight and covered obviously by the lacquer with no way to work superglue or anything in if I wanted to.

  I know these cracks are not uncommon. I’ll try to upload a picture later. Having trouble downsizing it on an iphone.

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