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Author Topic: Buy, Sell & Trade Rules. *** Please read ***  (Read 30002 times)
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« on: August 15, 2006, 06:29:35 PM »

Please also read the complete Forum Rules here .

General Rules
  • The Buy and Sell section is provided to use at your own risk.  Forum administration will not get involved in a transaction under any circumstances.
  • Posts in the Buy & Sell section should be on topic and any replies should only be by interested parties.
  • The Marketplace is for personal use only, don't link to items for sale by other parties.
  • The Marketplace is for guitar and music related items only.
  • All items for sale must have a price.  No best offers, etc.  This is not the place for an auction.
  • Please limit posts in the Buy & Sell section to inquiries about items only.  Random discussion just bumps others posts down.
  • Links to eBay are not to be posted here on the For Sale board. No eBay links on the For Sale Board.
  • Please add 'SOLD' to your post title when item is sold. (Use the 'MODIFY' button to change the title.)

Dealer Involvement - Dealers are encouraged to participate in the forum, however, they are not to advertise or promote their business in any way.  The only exception to this rule is the following:  Dealers are allowed a single link to their website in their signature.  In all other areas, dealers should utilize the forum in the same manner as any other user.  If you as a dealer are an active member, other members will notice and you will get business.  This is not the place for ads.  This rule applies to any business owner using the forum, not only guitar dealers.

New Guitar Price Discussion - This is not acceptable on this forum, please see our Forum Rules.

NOTE: You may not use this site to defraud Paypal of their fees.

...from the Paypal site:

Goods - Select this payment type when you’re paying for something that you didn’t buy on eBay.

Payment Owed - Use this payment type for things like reimbursing a friend for your share of a restaurant check, or repaying money that a family member loaned you.

The Larrivee Forum will not be a party to this type of transaction.

Further misuse of this Forum will result in a permanent ban.

Gift Transactions - Do not offer to execute a PayPal transaction as "gift" in order to skirt PayPal fees.
The owners of the Larrivee Forum will not be a party to any such transaction or serve as a conduit for that kind of activity.
Violation may result in post or thread deletion and/or permanent ban.

Following these rules about replies and Ebay posts keeps members ads first and foremost on the page, and makes it fair for everyone.

Posts that do not follow the Marketplace rules will be deleted without notice.

Caveat Emptor! - Buyer beware!  Even though most of the members here are very honest people you need to be careful.  This is the Internet people and there is lots of fraudulent activity everywhere.  Make sure you know who you are dealing with before you complete any transactions.  Ask for references, call the person on the phone, get really good descriptions and pictures, careful.  

Sellers using PayPal, are you shipping to a confirmed address?  Stolen credit card purchases will have you shipping to and unconfirmed address.

Any person posting an item for sale, purchasing, or trading in the Marketplace, hereby irrevocably and permanently waives all legal rights, including all rights to commence or maintain legal proceedings in any jurisdiction, against the Larrivée Forum or any Administrators or Moderators of the Larrivée Forum.  You agree by posting, selling, or trading in any board in the Marketplace section is at your own risk.

Thank you for cooperating.
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« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2009, 08:34:01 PM »

Everyone on the forum should read these rules before posting in the For Sale or wanted Marketplaces. Even those just wanting to reply or comment.

Please note the rule:  •Posts in the Buy & Sell section should be on topic and any replies should only be by interested parties.

If you think something is overpriced, that's fine, contact the seller and offer less, but don't post in the thread.

If there is clear evidence of fraud, or commercialism, please notify a MOD.

Newbies with less than 10 posts can not PM or send emails, therefore must include another way of contacting.

Image properties should be a plain .JPG file without database or cloud server attributes.

Please check the date of a previous post you are replying to, it makes no sense to reply to a FS post 3 or 4 years old.



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