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« on: April 03, 2004, 05:10:23 PM »

I was just reading about the parlor guitars in the Taylor forum. I got me thinking :( The first decent acoustic i bought in 1973 was a Yamaki. It cost me $150.
It was an incredible sounding guitar... I still have it minus a bridge. It pulled off a few times so my next puchase was a Gibson J45 cost lots more and quite frankly wasn't as nice as the Yamki was aside from the short life span lol.
Then I quit playing for 20 years. till I bought a Taylor grand concert with maple sides and back. awesome guitar still is after 10 years.

But GAS struck and the Larrivee I bought out shines them all. Even all the Taylors I looked at at the dealer 9xx series included.
There really isn't any point to this post. I guess I just can't stop bragging about my new Larrivee

Aren't guitars fun???

anyway thanks for reading


Larrivee D60
Taylor 422 Maple
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