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anyone here into ian moore?

i lost track of him years ago. the last i knew he was doing SRV-type stuff - and doing a great job at it. but for some reason i sort of forgot about him. in conversation with a fellow music lover the other day i was informed that he 1)moved out of austin and 2)completely reinvented himself. well, this guy was right. a trip to ian's website showed me that hes not the same musician at all. i REALLY liked the changes! i immediately went out and got his latest record, lumineria. man, talk about some great songs! lots of nice dark acoustic sounds and his voice is just amazing. his style is impossible to really catagorize - dark, jazzy, mellow, soulful, singer-songwriter stuff but with more depth than the usual stuff you hear in coffee shops. the songs are well-written as well - maybe a bit darker material than im used to, but great none the less. the song 'caroline' is great, as well as 'ordinary people' - those two really hit me hard. i highly recommend it.
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