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Author Topic: Good Electric Amp Under $500  (Read 2428 times)
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The Tech 21 Trademark 60 is the amp that Les Paul himself has used for the last number of years, so there must be something good about it - even though it is solid state.   

Yep, he gigs with the TM60 at Irridium in Manhattan.

 I remember in 1969 when Fender came out with SS versions of its amps and fell flat. I think Tech21 has that tube sound nailed sometimes my TM10 sounds so warm at low volume I forget it is SS. I think SS has come along way in the past couple of decades and the Trademarks prove it. As I said, like Larrivee, the TMs are something you can easily pass up unless you invest the time and effort to read the reviews on Epinions, Harmony Central, and check out their website.
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