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Author Topic: Got a Silver Creek 101 Yesterday!!!!  (Read 602 times)
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And it wails and rocks! I am tickled to death! This guitar was only $229 on eBay, and came with a nice thick gig bag by Kases. It is Chinese made, to a design by Abe Wechter.
The triple pickup of Mag, Piezo and Mic together with the controls make it ideal for gigging, solo or in a band.
The solid spruce top with laminate (?) sides provide richness and volume like a Tacoma dread and the sparkel of a Taylor.  The neck is nearly as nice as a Larrivee, but the roughness of the rosewood fretboard needs a bit more crafting to be smooth. Good frets, though.

The maple binding on head, neck and body is very cool. The abalone logo and rosette really add a touch of class. No neck button--I'll add one.

So I am well chuffed, as the Beatles used to say.

These babies are no longer made, thanks to someone's lawsuits, but Musician's Friend has the non-pickup model for $129. Oh, I did not say the neck is primo. Really nice action and feels like butter.

See my review at

And for the flipside, see my pan review blasting the Jumbo 2416 model from the current brand, Maple Lake and the negative experience I had with Sweetwater sound.

Wechter Guitars also has some current dreadnaughts that may be good as this...but their tops seem all to be laminates, so check before you spend.

D Jones
...the pics show the 101 with pickups, and the 100 available still, no pickups.

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