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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone! I hope you had some time to spend with your loved ones and also some time to remember those loved ones (for me both family and those who have served) who are no longer with us.
I wanted to alert those of you who are close to the Kentucky area about the Abbey Road On The River Beatles festival that made its first appearance in Louisville this year after being moved from Ohio.
Here is the web site:
Man, it was like Beatles Overload and the event went off very smoothly. Imagine being able to walk a matter of a hundred yards or so to each different stage or venue. It was truly amazing seeing young and old rocking out to the Beatles cover bands.
One of the best concerts I've ever been to was the Smithereens last night. They did some of the Beatles "B" sides (like you can call any of the Beatles songs a "B" side!) and then launched into some of their own classics after the crowd urged them on.
One of the most stunning artists I saw was a gentelman from Canada (Hey, Ducktrapper do you know of him?) named Hal Bruce. He did a cover of "Blackbird" and started to do some alternate tuning on stage and before I knew it, he had dropped off his high E string. As the string dangled from his Martin he explained that one day he was practicing, broke the first string and kept on playing. He liked the affect, added some slide and that was that. So, that was cool to see.
If you have not been to one of these festivals, I would recommend it. I did not hear one "bad" band in the bunch. It only goes to show you how the Beatles live on and will always be re-discovered by new generations.
Thanks for listening,
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