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Author Topic: Larrivee Sound Clips  (Read 79647 times)
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These were scattered around in a few different posts, so I thought I would put them all together and pin it at the top.  Thanks to Dave at Guitar Adoptions for providing these clips.


Larrivee D-03 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee D-03R - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee D-03R with EXP Mediums - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee D-03MT - Mahogany/Mahogany
Larrivee D-05 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee D-09 - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee D-50 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee D-60SH - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee SD50 12 Fret  - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee SD60 12 Fret - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee D-03SP Spruce/Sapele
Larrivee D-09BZ Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood


Larrivee L-03 with DR Lights - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee LV-03R - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee L-05 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee LV-05 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee LV-05MT - Mahogany/Mahogany
Larrivee LV-09 - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee LV-09QM - Spruce/Maple
Larrivee LV-09K - Spruce/Koa
Larrivee L-10 - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee L-10K  - Spruce/Koa
Larrivee LV-10KK - Koa/Koa
Larrivee L-09 Spruce/Walnut
Larrivee LSV-11 Spruce/Rosewood
Early 80's Larrivee L-09 Spruce/Rosewood


Larrivee OM-03 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee OM-03R - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee OM-10K - Spruce/Koa
Larrivee OMV-50 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee OM-60 - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee OM-05 Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee OM-03MQ Spruce/Quilted Mahogany
Larrivee OM-05 12 fret Custom Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee OMV-50 Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee OM-09 Spruce/Rosewood *gone*
Larrivee OM-10FM Spruce/Flame Maple


Larrivee P-05 Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee P-05 Mahogany/Mahogany
Larrivee P-09 Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee P-09BZ Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood
Larrivee P-09FM Spruce/Flame Maple
Larrivee P-09QM Spruce/Quilt Maple
Larrivee P-09PB Spruce/Pomele Bubinga

12 Strings

Larrivee L-03R12 12 String - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee L-0512 12 String - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee J-10 Maple 12 String - Spruce/Maple
Larrivee L-10 12 String Spruce/Rosewood


Larrivee 0-50 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee Special Edition 00-09 - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee 000-50 - Spruce/Mahogany
Larrivee 00-60 - Spruce/Rosewood
Larrivee_LS-30 Classical

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