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Author Topic: Mod to neck profile - L-03 laurel  (Read 47 times)
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Awhile back I got an L-03 laurel (online) to go along with the OM-03 laurel I stumbled into.
The guitar (2016 model) was described as being in better condition than it actually was, but I had got a very good price. The oddball problems were.... the bridge had been shaved flat on top, the nut was cracked through at the B string, and strings about 1/4 inch above the 12th fret. The seller had bought it new and alluded to a neck reset. Adjusting the truss rod for minimal relief got me a massive buzz on the first 3 strings.
The neck profile was also different than the OM-03, in that the L-03 had more generous "shoulders" adjacent to the maple binding, more so than any other Larrivee I have. The OM shoulders are hardly perceptible, more of a C shape.
I took the guitar in for work a few weeks ago, new nut, contour the bridge, general setup stuff. I'd had a discussion about reprofiling the neck well over a year previously (work delayed due to pandemic), so I said let's just make the necks on the two laurels the same. We talked about the tools used, the refinishing, previous work on Larrivee necks, and as long as the binding is wood, there are no problems.
I got the guitar back, and I am happy to say I can finally hear the guitar and it is just as good as the OM, just more lush. And the neck is now the same as the OM, and you cannot even tell anything was done. Perfect on the straightedge test. An outstanding guitar, as I knew it would be, and even with the repair costs, a good deal.
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