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Author Topic: Looking at used L-03-12R  (Read 136 times)
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« on: July 29, 2020, 08:07:07 PM »

Good afternoon, all! Thanks for allowing me to join the Forum. I purchased my Larrivee OM-5 about 10 years ago. After a particularly rough day at work, I thought I’d pamper myself a little with a higher end guitar, thinking that I’d wind up with a Taylor. Thankfully, the store owner in Atlanta said “do me a favor - just play this Larrivee for a minute.” A minute was all it took.

I’m not a great guitarist at all. More of a strummer than a picker. However, the sound, feel, and look of my Larrivee have been outstanding! I’ve always been happy with the purchase.

I often use a 12 string guitar for gigs. I use a cheaper Takamine with an after market pickup now, but I’m hot on buying a nicer model. I’m looking at the L-03-12. There is a used Rosewood model (2009) that I may have a chance to purchase. Any thoughts from this experienced and expert group? Should I consider a new version instead? Thanks for your advice!
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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2020, 07:13:18 AM »

I like to consider myself experienced but I am a far cry from expert however, this could be the right guitar for you too.

Let me start by saying I think the L body is Larrivee’s best design along with the Parlor. I have an LV03 12 string with a mahogany top, back and sides that I ordered in late 2005 and picked up in early 2006. I opted for a Larrivee 12 string after playing multiple brands including Taylor, Martin, Guild and Yamaha. The quality of the workmanship, wood selection, tone and playability attracted me to the Larrivee. I paid $1,000 plus tax and pickup on this guitar which came with an arch top case. I liked rosewood but wanted a mahogany guitar and something different. I played one othe L03 12 string with mahogany top but it was a non cutaway.

I use my 12 string primarily for strumming and finger picking and I had my dealer install an LR Baggs pickup which features an undetectable volume control inside the sound hole for those times when i want more volume. My son also borrows this guitar to play slide including Leo Kottke and Reverend Gary Davis tunes. I lean more toward Gordon Lightfoot and John Denver. After 14 years, this guitar has settled in nicely and was a great choice. I have considered getting a matching 6 string with the same specs or another 12 string with flamed maple back and sides.

I have been working remote since late March and I have one guitar stand setting out in my guitar room to pick up on breaks, at lunch time and after work.I switch off every week but my 12 string Was out for the last two weeks.

Take a friend who plays along if this guitar is still available.


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« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2020, 04:51:09 PM »

The L-03-12 rosewood is great guitar.
I have a 2011 L-02-12 (pretty much the exact twin to an L-03-12 in mahogany) and I love it. Being mahogany it is a bright guitar soundwise, but can be toned down with EQ when playing with a pickup, if so desired.
I helped my brother get a brand new L-03-12 rosewood from the factory this past January through our local dealer. Having both guitars side by side I was able to play them both and compare, and the rosewood is not as jangly on the high end. It is an outstanding guitar, and is a very nice compliment to the 6-string L-body mahogany sound.
I had both guitars setup at the same time, so both of them played the same and had the same strings on them. I actually preferred the rosewood, and I am a mahogany guy. Since I already have a (1971) Martin D-28 12 string (rosewood), I don't need another RW.
The newer (after late 2017) Larrivees have a fretboard radius of 16", older have a compound radius of 16-20". I cannot tell the difference, also the newer guitars have an easier truss rod access, tho the rod itself did not change. This should not affect your decision.
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