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For anyone who cares:

I just tried some DR Sunbeam (lights) and they were pretty good, and were right there with the Ernie 80/20’s.
The lower string tension really made for some easy fretting.

I currently have on some Ernie Ball PB Paradigms in med/light, and so far they Have edged out any string so far.
When I play finger style (Blackbird & Tears in Heaven) the low E string rumbles against my gut.
(Kind of funny that the regular Ernie Ball PB’s in the same gauge were lackluster.)
Also, I had these same Paradigm strings on my daughter’s D35 and she had me immediately take them off - I played it and they were just so so. That D35 is a beast.
These strings weren’t cheap, so I put them right on the Larry - sounds lively as heck.

I have some Martin PB’s and DR Rares to try next - both in med/light.

-Larrivee OM-40R
-Taylor 322 12 Fret
-Taylor GS Mini / Spruce
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