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Author Topic: 2016 Charis Sinker Mahogany/Bearclaw Sitka dread Ultratonic pickup - 3300.00  (Read 140 times)
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This is a big, bold, loud guitar with plenty of everything.   It could easily be my one and only.   My other guitars were gifts, so they won't be going anywhere. This is the most beautiful instrument I've ever owned, and certainly one of the best sounding too.  It handles everything you throw at it and excels at fingerstyle and drop tunings.  Bill is no longer building dreads, so this is a unique opportunity.  

Belizean Sinker Mahogany (100 years at the bottom of the river!)
Bearclaw Sitka
Cocobolo bindings, rosette and heel cap
Full abalone top purfling and rosette
Mahogany/Maple/Rosewood 5 piece neck - low profile C
May Engineering Ultratonic pickup -
Gotoh 16:1 gold tuners
Planet waves oblong strap buttons
1 13/16 nut - 2 5/16 saddle - 25.6 scale
Depth is 4 1/8 to 4 5/8

In regard to cosmetic condition of the instrument, there is a tiny spot on the heel cap where the finish didn't quite fill in, and a very small mark on the side of the headstock next to the G string tuner (see closeup pics)....otherwise as it left Bill's shop.

In pursuit of perfect intonation (or as close as possible) both the nut and saddle were compensated.   I used needle files to "scallop" the saddle, and my tech of 15 years at Elderly did a slight compensation of a new bone nut I had him cut for it.  It is as close as any guitar I've owned (and I have "dog" ears) Current action is about 5/64 bass and 4/64 treble with plenty of saddle.

The case is a TKL Elite double arch (top and back) in 9/10 condition on the outside (just some minor abrasions) and perfect on the inside.

As this is a very high dollar sale for me, I am hoping this will be purchased by a long term and well respected member.   I will reserve the right to deny sale of anyone I'm not comfortable completing a transaction with.

As always, will ship polished up, fingerboard cleaned and conditioned, frets polished and a fresh set of D'addario EJ16's installed - ready to go.

PRICE DROP TO 3300 plus shipping/fees

3600.00   plus actual shipping on my Fedex account to the CONUS only. Add 85.00 for Paypal and I'll cover the rest if you want to go that route.  I'll accept Cashier's Check from well established members and reserve the right to hold shipment until it clears.  I will not do Paypal friends and family and will not ship to unconfirmed Paypal addresses.


Here is the link to the original build thread - in the second post is the story of the Sinker Mahogany:

And, a video from Danny at APM of a Performance series Charis in similar woods - I think mine is just slightly louder and warmer than this one.....

Here's a really quick clip I just did - I had to attenuate the low end a bit to get it to keep from rumbling.    This is a Blue Encore 300 mic about a foot from the soundhole, pointed toward the neck/body joint - into a Tascam DP-01FX.    I don't believe this gives a real good feel of how glorious this instrument sounds in an open room - the mic lends a certain nasal quality to it that isn't evident when listening to the guitar acoustically.  Make sure and slide the volume control up before listening.


Charis SJ Koa/Sitka
Charis dreadnaught Sinker Mahogany/Bearclaw Sita
Mcknight/Poling GC Koa/Italian
Cordoba C9 Mahogany/Euro Spruce

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