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Author Topic: Larrivee OM-03MH For Sale - Sold  (Read 312 times)
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I have a really nice OM-03MH for sale. I purchased the guitar from an individual that was using it to learn how to play finger style. I have owned the guitar for about 4 years or so. I purchased this as a back-up guitar as I have played in our church praise and worship band for many years. Because it was a back-up guitar, I've only played it at church maybe a dozen times or so. Aside from that, I haven't played it anywhere else except my non-smoking home.

When I originally purchased it, the guitar was in really nice condition (still is). It did not, and still doesn't, have a pick guard which I like. Since obtaining the guitar, I had it professionally setup at my local luthier, had a K&K installed, along with a bone nut and bone saddle. I still have the original nut and saddle, but I like the bone sound. It's currently setup for mediums.

When I contacted Larrivee, they told me the guitar was produced on 2/18/2009. I would say the guitar is in excellent condition without any damage. My reason for selling is that after playing at church for 10 years or so, I am slowly playing less and less and a back-up guitar just isn't needed anymore.

I'm in the DFW metroplex area and have purchased guitars from this forum and AGF, and have shipped guitars to others without issues.

I'll be using UPS this time and will only ship to US.

Like most sales, cash only, no paypal, etc.

$890 shipped to your location.

Seems I'm not able to upload attachments. Please contact me for images.

I was able to post images here:

Larrivee OM-03MT
Larrivee OM-03MH
Taylor 110
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