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Author Topic: SOLD - Crafter SAT-QMOS Hybrid Archtop  (Read 354 times)
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« on: October 13, 2017, 06:35:59 PM »


Crafter SAT-QMOS Electric/Acoustic Hybrid Archtop (think: T*ylor T5-ish). Bought this sometime in FY16. Nice, semi-hollow, "Slim" ArchTop (SAT). It's designed as the "working man's T (5)", sort of. It's actually a very well put together guitar. Has a very familiar neck, scale length and feel. There' a piezo under the saddle, Kent Armstrong P90 in the neck position, Vol/Tone for each pickup, and a mini-toggle to go from the mag to the piezo or both. Can even do the stereo jack out thing if you want to do that. I never have. It sounds pretty decent as an electric/acoustic going thru either the PA or a guitar amp. Not sure what Crafter did that is different, but it works. Currently has electric 10s on it so I can do bends. But it sounds even better with acoustic strings.

One itty bitty nick in the lower bout, player's side. No idea when that even happened. Still looks pretty good for the years it's been around. Comes with a Crafter branded molded case made for this model. Asking $500. That includes shipping and fees.



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I had one of these with a Bubinga top a few years back.  The LR Baggs UST and electronics were first class and blended with the neck pickup very nicely.  This is a pretty good buy IMHO...

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