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Author Topic: Down To The Wire  (Read 370 times)
Skip Ellis
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« on: August 13, 2017, 05:49:15 PM »

OK, which should I buy: OM-05 or OM-40r? I've got a great L-05 so I'm familiar with them, and I recently traded an 000-40r so I'm familiar with that series. I've got the 'L' listed for sale and would like to replace it with an OM for some unknown reason....looks maybe (probably)! The 'L' has some features that I prefer such as the gloss finish, while the Legacy series has the understated look with the satin finish and herringbone trim (I really like herringbone!). Tone-wise, I don't expect to be disappointed whichever way I go but I'm torn between the two and price is really, in this case, not the determining factor. Which one?? I play mostly Chet/Merle Travis/Doc Watson, ragtime and I'm getting into standard tuning Irish/Scottish stuff and maybe a bit of flatpicking thrown in, but not that much.
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I just think it more fitting to your genre.

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