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Author Topic: Favorite non-Larrivee guitar  (Read 1628 times)
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« Reply #40 on: July 16, 2017, 07:26:30 AM »

Ever since I bought my first Larrivee, last February, I am having a hard time finding other guitars that I like as much. I mean I have gone and played some expensive Froggy Bottom, Goodall, Collings, Huss & Dalton, Martin, etc...  None of them made me want to get rid of my L-03 let alone my LV-10 50th. The 1977 L-35 I bought this year has me not playing my Cordoba C9 so it is for sale. It also brought me to my senses when I was about to buy an Esteve 8 Classical, "Hand Made in Spain" guitar. I still want a Spanish made classical. But I think I want a 12 string more. I am not really playing my L-03 much. The LV-10 with the EIR and Austrian "Moon" Spruce top has a much richer voice and the nut width fits my hand perfectly. The L-03 is a custom with a 1 11/16 nut. I have issues with it and i am going to be selling/trading it to help fund a 12 string. Once again, I will most likely count on Larrivee to deliver the goods sight unseen or heard.  I am thinking about an L or possibly LV,  09/10 12 string. I really like Rosewood.

So, I don't have a favorite non-Larrivee guitar at this time. 
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I don't own my favorite non Larrivee, but I'm happy knowing it's got a good home. It's a McKnight OM-D (4.75" deep) dubbed "The Cigar" with wenge back and sides with a lutz/western red cedar double top. It's a close second to my OM-03R which Tim McKnight played a part in the acquisition as well as giving it a good setup.


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Really tough question and a good one.  Of the guitars in the stable, it's probably hands down the Morgan OM.  Action is superb, sound is great, she's a looker for the plain OM, but man that mahogany.  She plays great, too, and that OM size.  If you love Larrivees like I love Larrivees, then you owe it to yourself to tryout your favorite size and wood of a Morgan Guitar.But, the 1977 Guild D40 really, really sounds great plays very nice.  As their slogan boasts, "Guilds ... Made to be Played!"  I love that guitar and both guitars are suited for different types of music and both guitars are set up really nice.  As you can see from my signature I am partial to Guilds.  I love them.  Now, favorite guitars that I do not own and are not a Larrivee ... hmm ... I am a humble man of simple means ... so this list would include if I could afford anything ... a Martin D18, a Guild D55, and another Morgan.  I do not need any $4K-$5k guitar, not that I would not take one if it was given to me, but I am really not that material and kind of know what I want and realize that I am no Leo Kottke or Merle Travis or anything.  Just a Bino having fun.   



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