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Author Topic: Larrivée J-05 12 String for sale  (Read 663 times)
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« on: April 29, 2017, 12:17:26 AM »

Newb here so apols if this doesn't seem correct or kosher. I'm legit and want to give other Larrivée lovers first crack at this before heading the dreaded online salesplace route.


Selling my beloved Larrivée J-05 12-string for one simple reason: I just don't play it enough to justify keeping it from a good home.

Guitar is in excellent used condition. Incredibly clean but for some dings and a typically warped top board.

This is a British Columbia-built Larrivée. Serial number, soundhole tag and Larrivée reps confirm this.

It had a minor ding from shipping to/from Larrivée for a loose bridge repair about 15 years ago, a repair which is perfectly executed. Unfortunately, one of the bridge pins escaped the Ziplock bag into which the company had placed them, rattled into the main cushioning area and dinged the top soundboard. Larrivée fixed this but used a lightly colored patch so there is a slight discoloration in the middle of the lower bout.

There is a second ding which happened in transit when I moved house about ten years ago. I finally found the darn culprit buried in the cushioning and removed it. This ding is on the back at the edge of the upper bout, is not visible from the front [obviously] and is very minor.

Tiny pinholes of unknown origin...... aliens?

The top soundboard has warping from the tension on the bridge even though I always played in E-flat to lessen that strain. There's a potential reason for the warp given below.

Guitar is STELLAR in sound/tone, playability, tuning stability and comfort. It is also LOUD as all !@#$. And it is BY FAR the easiest to play 12-string I have ever touched. I had the guitar evaluated at the local GC and the tech was floored at how easily it played.

•   Neck is "perfect"
•   Very minor fret wear
•   Tuners flawless
•   Back, sides and front are perfect but for the aforementioned dings
•   Comes with the ubiquitous Larivée hardshell case - OHSC

•   Serial Number: 19009
•   Manufacture Date: Mar 25, 1996
•   Model: J-12 [Jumbo body, 12-string]
•   Dalbergia Latifolia from India [Indian Rosewood]
•   Mahogany sides
•   Action/String heights [my measurements]:
o   Low E: 0091"/.228mm   
o   High E: .079"/.200mm
•   Mother of Pearl: inlays around soundhole, fret markers, bridge pin tops

When I sent the guitar back to Larrivée for the bridge repair, I received a phone call from then-employee Brian T. He expressed some "concern" about the guitar and asked from where I had bought it. "Eddie's Music on Fourth Street in San Rafael, CA" [don't bother... they are long out of business], I replied. Understanding I had bought the guitar in good faith from a retailer, he then explained that this guitar, along with something like 60 others, had been stolen from the company. They would take no action against me, which was a big relief, and that they would do the repair as requested. He also said that the top soundboard, which has warping, was probably sanded down to remove its original color. Wow...  BUT: it does NOT affect playability, tone or stability. Larrivée is fully aware of this history and I have recently been in contact with them and expressed this to them as I know Brian T. has left the company. I have emails to back up this recent contact.

So this guitar has something of an odd history.

Comes with:
•   Eleven extra bridge pins [one went missing in transit or was taken by those aliens for Dog knows what type of experiments]
•   Three sets of Martin Rogue strings - .010-.047
•   Larrivée truss rod tool
•   Larrivée custom hardhell case - OHSC

Photos available and I'm working on getting some posted. Thanks for the "push" to do so. :-)

Asking $900.00 for a Larrivée Forum purchaser. Willing to negotiate, within reason. I have a pretty good idea of the value, the rarity/lack of availability and, of course, how stunning this guitar sounds and plays. Even with it's issues, it's a lovely guitar.

PS: I just read that the top "may" be easily repairable. If I don't sell this soon, I will try the repair which is incredibly safe if this person is not full of it... Hmmm.

Serious inquiries only, please. Post a reply with a contact email or SMS and I'll reply ASAP.

Spam ignored
No Lowballers
Please reply with Name AND phone, email or SMS
Not in a rush so be realistic with offers, please
Cash/PP Only / No trades [I've got too much stuff as it is]

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« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2017, 12:26:38 AM »

Welcome to the loonie bin and sorry you need to sell.Only one problem you need to post a price.



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« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2017, 12:35:58 AM »

Welcome to the loonie bin and sorry you need to sell.Only one problem you need to post a price.

Yup please post price soon or it will be removed sounds like a  nice guitar

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