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Author Topic: Tuner problems. Thoughts/experiences?  (Read 2439 times)
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I could buy one bad tuner ... but a whole set?  I would look somewhere else for the problem.  I have become very regimented when changing strings, and I no longer have any tuning problems whatsoever.
New Tuners, problem gone. I've wrapped my strings the same way on all guitars for 40+ years, at least 3 wraps before going thru slot. Pull and make sure seated good at bridge and pin in snug. Now I did get new pins when I got new tuners, wood, but I really don't think that was it. I mean I looked at stuff for month before ordering new tuners. So I don't know. But I like the Schallers much better anyway for their smoothness. A forum member wanted the old one's so I hope he has luck with them but after several months of having to tune every 15 minutes when playing, I gave up. 

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