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Author Topic: Ibanez Jet King Electric  (Read 644 times)
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« on: February 24, 2005, 11:04:23 PM »

I went shopping for a fairly low price electric for those times when I just need to play loud and hard. My old trusty Peavey strat had a good crack in the neck pocket anyways so I parted it out on ebay and went shopping. I play electric about 15 % of the time so I didnt want to invest alot. I played over 30 guitars at 3 diff store's locally. I have to say that the best I played under $500 was a G&L tribute legacy HB. I didnt buy it though, there was a grand opening of a guitar center in town and I know the manager so i headed down there to snoop. I played Squiers, fenders, schecters. epiphones, but the one that caught me esp for the price I ended up getting it for was an Ibanez Jetking 1. beautiful butterwscotch finish, 2 HB's both with coil splitting. It just felt good. Now I know I said the G&L was the best for under $500, but I got the Ibanez for an unheard of $199 New. I came home and looked on the internet and called another local dealer and they all quoted $299-$329.. so for $199 I got a great deal on a great guitar. what I would say is the best for under $200. So for now my stable is complete. my Larrivee OM-03K, Ibanez jetking 1 and my trusty Ibanez  A\E classical that Ive had for many years.

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