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Author Topic: Sounds of Wood & Steel fall 2016 issue  (Read 550 times)
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I came into owning the Taylor in my signature by winning a drawing, so I'm not necessarily a Taylor fanboy. In fact, since June of this year that Taylor has been on loan to a friend who has been without his own acoustic guitar for several years. As a result of registering the Taylor, the Taylor magazine comes in the mail. Yes it is a marketing tool for Taylor.  This month's "Ask Bob" has a couple of interesting responses from Bob. One was a discouragement of a current low end Taylor owner to "move up" to a higher priced line, the other was about finish thickness and another about how they have to form solid sides differently than plywood sides.

There is also an article about how they manufacture the ES2 pickup system, which is me rung about my Taylor that I do thnk is very nice. It's the best direct plug in pickup system that I've  ever used from a simplicity/realistic sound result standpoint.

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