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Author Topic: Let Me Tell You About My Weekend.  (Read 636 times)
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« on: February 17, 2005, 07:49:09 PM »

A couple of weekends ago, some people at my church got the bright idea that we should have a Valentine's day dance with a band made up of church members.

So with about two weeks to put things together, six of us, some of whom hadn't gigged since the Nixon administration, got together and formed a band.

We had 5 practices, only one of which had all six members. Three guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and female vocalist. We performed for a couple of hours doing things like Do You Love Me, Good Golly Miss Molly, Johnny B. Goode, Back In The USSR, Dear Prudence, My Girl, Always On My Mind, Surfer Girl, etc. It was really a kick and people really seemed to enjoy it. I was dying by the time it was over, but it was great! We have requests now to do a couple more. We'll see. That was Friday.

Saturday night, my wife and I drove out to Carefree (that's an uppity town North of Scottsdale). People like Dick Van Dyke, Glen Campbell, Hugh Downs and others of similar economic stratas live out there. Anyway, we have been having a great deal of rain here (for Arizona) and the washes are all flooding, at least they were Saturday. Anyway, got a chance to see Tommy Emmanuel.

WOW!!!!!  :o

Not sure that there is anything he can't do on a guitar but he sure does a lot of things I wouldn't want him doing on mine!  :lol: Such as, beating the soundboard with a drum brush! Scratching the soundboard with a pick and fingernails until the finish (and underlying wood) is gone. I think Willie Nelson takes better care of Trigger!

Anyway, got a chance to visit with him for a couple of minutes. Great guy. Ovation after ovation. Especially after his Windy and Warm medley where he went into Classical Gas, Walk Don't Run and Saturday and caused everyone's jaws to drop to the floor!

On Sunday, my wife and I drove to Flagstaff (130 miles and 5000+ foot climb in Elevation) to hear our daughter perform as the principal hornist with the NAU Symphony. They did Brahms 2nd Symphony and she had a lot of solos, which she nailed.

All in all, a fairly exhausting weekend and one that I won't forget for a long time.



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