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Sorry I missed this post.
The figure eight or hour glass patern describes opposite sides of the mic, so your suggestion can't work. What I do is simply turn the mic up hot and back away. The amp powers the mic.

Well, maybe I got lucky when I used my Cascade ribbon (figure 8) mic this way!  To say that it "can't work", well I have to beg to disagree based on personal experience. 

It does just take the right positioning; just not a traditional positioning.  Think of the figure 8 pattern as two different mics pointed in opposite directions, where their output is combined before sending the signal into the cable.

I would send a photo of how to set this up, but basically you mount the mic on a boom stand, and for the 2050 you would mount it so that it's long axis is horizontal to the ground.  One side of the open mesh pointed toward your mouth, one side pointed down at the guitar.  This will be relatively close to your body, so that you are generally hitting the main lobes of the 8 pattern with one side from your voice, the other side the guitar.  Sound from out in front of you will be generally rejected.  Adjust the horizontal height as needed for desired balance between voice and guitar.  You will be slightly off axis, maybe 15 degrees for both sources, but this won't present issues unless you have speakers directly overhead or your toes touching a floor wedge monitor speaker.

Give it a try.  I think you will find that this is much more sensitive to allowing you a 'balance control' than putting the 2050 in cardioid mode and sticking it out in front of you, it's going to be much harder to dial-in the mix.  With this arrangement and figure-8 mode: Closer to the floor = more guitar in the mix.  Closer to the ceiling = more vox in the mix. 

BTW, I didn't use my Cascade ribbon mic this way but just one time, and that was for scientific curiosity purposes.  Ribbon mics are recommended not to be used where the ribbon element is oriented horizontal to the floor.  The actual weight of the ribbon element can cause self-damage to the element itself.  The 2050 is a dual LDC - no issue there.



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