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Author Topic: Are you expecting the 40 LEGACY SERIES to come???  (Read 2555 times)
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Well for anyone who's interested,  I've just paid the actual deposit and ordered my OM40 online in UK. expected beginning October.
Interestingly, (for me at least), was the fact that the price I got from my usually razor sharp pricewise dealer , was considerably higher than I paid for my OM03, although Larrivee themselves are only pricing it at marginally  more (I think) on their either, the guys over here are "feasting" on my enthusiasm,     blush    or, as I hope, there are no big discounts generally available on this new model......  I am really glad about that too  (    )
I know it has cost me more money personally, but I just believe an instrument with this specification  warrants every penny, (if not more), of the advertised price, and I'm quite happy to pay the going price to get the quality I want and admire... (as I do with cars etc_)
Won't be able to report back on the sound and tone   though..... because my dear wife has declared that if I leave the case unopened until 25th December, she will actually buy it me for a Christmas present ......bless's gonna kill me to wait , but I can buy many lots of beer with the money  I therefore  save   .......all good then !     

Actually, the OM-03 and the OM-40 are pretty close in price (on this side of The Pond, anyway). Not sure how long ago you bought your OM-03.

Agreed...should be worth every penny.  +1


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