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Author Topic: "Steeplechase Lane" on an Eastman Pagelli PG2 archtop  (Read 419 times)
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Here's a tune I used to play years ago, my playing partner sent me a video of Chet playing it, and I got it back in my fingers (sort of!). This tune was written by Jerry Reed, I believe the title comes from the name of the street he grew up on. It's a great tune, just so happy sounding. Tuning is kind of weird, low to high it's D-G-D-E-B-D and then capo'd at the second fret.

Played on my Eastman Pagelli archtop, all acoustic, you know. Recorded with a Zoom Q2HD, using the mic's on the Zoom, so this is about as minimalist as you can get.
I figured we need an archtop on here every now and again for variety.


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