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Author Topic: Strap button right placement  (Read 2634 times)
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I had this happen to me when I was a teen!  I was a counselor at summer camp, and one evening at campfire, after the singing was done, while the entire camp was quietly listening to the camp director speak, my trusty Takamine F-349 was hanging ever so coolly over my back.  Cowboy hat, cowboy jeans, cowboy guitar silhouetted against the dusky twilight sky.  Did I mention how cool I looked?  Until the bottom peg slipped out and the guitar plummeted headstock first like an arrow toward the dirt ground and landed with a loud BONG! and several more lesser bongs as it tumbled to a rest.  So much for cool.  I never tried that again.  Amazingly, other than a scuff on the top of the headstock, the Tak was fine.  That thing had a baseball bat for a neck and was build to last.

Glad that no serious damage occurred.  I just love how you described the whole incident.  And I can picture you with the garb you described.  I'm still chuckling as I type this.


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