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Author Topic: D'Angelico, D' Aquisto & Benedetto & 7 string guitars  (Read 826 times)
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« on: March 25, 2013, 02:04:43 AM »

well i thought I had a pretty special guitar "collection", however, recently I visited a friend who has taken up 7 string guitar playing.

in his jam room ( vault), i was treated to play an original D'angelico, then a D'quisto, each guitar worth about 50 k.

It was quite something, not my personal cup of tea, being more of a flat top player, but I have my own very lovely Godin Arch tops.

There were some other beautiful very expensive guitars as well, and when I left, he handed me a guitar case and asked to look after this for a while.
  When I got it home and opened it, it was 7 string Benedetto, worth about 20 k.

I'm actually too frightened to play it!

The seven string guitar is an amazing beast in and of itself, a tad difficult to get the hang of, and I went back and forth between tuning the low string to an A (full octave below A string), or tuning it up a tone to B.

It's like playing bass and guitar at the same time.


any other 7 string players out there?

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« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2013, 03:08:32 AM »

I've fiddled with them but have enough trouble playing 6 string.That said I found I like the low A.I have a client that play's 7 string and he has tried to show me how to do walking bass line's while compin chords.My fingers got all confused but it was fun.I just stick with my 6 string archtops,48 Gibson L7 and a 65 Gibson L48.Enjoy the adventure your friend is sending you on,after that beat him a stick for trying to drive you more insane they most musicians are.

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