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Author Topic: Keith and Barefoot Rob promo CD  (Read 545 times)
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OK we had a production problem when trying to put this thing together so if there is anyone who would like to hear it please email as a client of mine put the 7 tune's in an mp3 format.The recording was done with two large diaphragm mics in a friends motel in Mexico beach.Its vary ruff and we are planing on rerecording but we wanted a basic idea as neither of us had much experience with recording to computer.Keith played and sang into one mic mostly using my Guild JF30 with the exception of Wish You Were here which he played on my Guild JF30/12.I played my Larrivee LS10 for the most part but used the Guild 12 string on a tune named Wayfaring Stranger and during mix we had me panned hard right while Keith was a stereo pan.There are some effects used on him mostly compression and lite eq'ing.I had no effects on my guitar.There was some rerecording of my part on the twelve strong due to being out of tune but pretty much all are live takes.I would to hear all critique good or bad.So if you have any interest please send me an email and I'll get the 7 emails out as fast as I can.

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