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Author Topic: Need help with video set up  (Read 603 times)
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« on: December 01, 2012, 06:50:23 PM »

Hey, guys and gals.  Hope you and yours are doing well and enjoying the holiday season.

Got a question for you.  I'd like to get into doing videos for youtube (and my press kit!) and I'd like to pick the Larivée Forum collective brain.  I'm good for mics with a Shure SM81 and a Behringer B1, but know nothing of the video part. I'll need a camera, and the knowledge of how to sync up and optimize the result for youtube.

I have a mac with iMovie and will probably use that, unless something better ( and cheap) gets mentioned.  I've messed with iMovie once and that it was not very intuitive.  But I'm a complete novice at all this. How do you get the music that was recorded separately in with movie part?

I use n-Track recording software and have been very happy with it.

What video gear are you guys using?  Software? What would you recommend without breaking my bank?

Thanks a million!

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« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2012, 03:00:16 AM »

I've done some guitar videos on Youtube where I show mostly my left hand. It's odd at first glance but from the comments I've gotten they seem to help beginners who can't figure the songs on their own.

The last one I did I simply used a web cam mounted to a boom mike standto show the fretboard and to jazz it up used the only video capable iPod Mini they made mounted to the body to see what my right hand was fingerpicking. You can see it here. The little flash memory card minicamcorders and USB web cams are great for this because they're wide angle lens that autofocus and some do HD. If you use a webcam, Quicktime will work well to record it.

Past efforts I usually record the audio in several takes and use Garageband to cut and paste a reasonably flaw free take using the best bits and pieces of all three. It's amazing how well mistakes can be fixed. Then I'll video it while playing along to the original.

From there I import the video to iMovie to make the opening title, insert the second video clip then add the fade in and fade out. The last step is to go back to Garageband and import the video, then drop in the final recording where I'll sync it to the video, tweak the panning and volume here and there.

You can simply drop any audio .aif file right onto the Garageband window and it will import it. If you look at the saved Garageband file, you can control click the file and select "Show Package Contents"  and see all your tracks saved as .aif files in case you want to tweak them in a different sound editor.

There are certain settings YouTube want to see as far as how you finalize your video, be sure to do a search on that in YouTube and it will show you the settings you need for Garageband and iMovie.

Hope this helps, be happy to elaborate if need be. . .

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