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Author Topic: finish issues on my Taylor BBT  (Read 434 times)
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« on: July 24, 2012, 05:13:06 AM »

Hi folks, I just aquired a Taylor BBT. Now, I know this is a serious budget guitar, but, I'm still amazed.
There is a patch of finish, on the upper edge of the lower bout where the finish is flaking and rubbing off. It's the spot where one's inner arm or elbow rests.  The finish is basically warn or peeled down to the wood it seems.
I've only had this guitar for a couple of months.
My sweat has never done this to another guitar, and I've sweated enough on my 13 year old Larrivee d-03 to know.
So, any thoughts? Is the finish that bad on these Taylors, or could there be people with such toxic sweat?
Should I worry about it?

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