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Author Topic: Any Ideas?  (Read 849 times)
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« on: July 09, 2012, 04:09:02 AM »

Very Recently my best friend passed away. We had become very close over the last few years during our weekly Sunday afternoon jams despite him being 25 years my senior.  When I arrived at the funeral home his wife said that after the service I was not to disappear. I Promised her I wouldn’t be going anywhere if that’s what she wanted. 
   After the service, there was a reception with refreshments That is when his Wife and Son presented me with his acoustic guitar saying “He wanted you to have this…  Well I was in tears then, and now again as I write this. 
    I had wanted something to remember him by… but I was thinking of his song book.  I never imagined...
He was a Good friend that will be greatly missed. The guitar is nice but a thousand of them wouldn’t make me miss him any less. :'-( 
I intend to have  the “In Memory” hand out from the funeral service with his photo made a permanent part of the guitars case. This is where i am looking for some help.  The card is about 3"x5"  with "In Loving Memory of....   1943-2012"  and his photo.  I see it set in clear plastic and mounted inside the case somewhere but the exterior is an option too. but now as i write this the thought of having vinyl stickers made up occurs but i would like to use this "card"

Any other Ideas to tastefully "Brand" the case would be appreciated.  Oh in "case" (not intended) it makes a difference it is a Taylor 614ce in a factory case.

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« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2012, 06:11:13 AM »

there are some companies that do laser etching of photos on various metals. you could most likely get a card sized brass (or similar) thin enough as to not be obtrusive done and mount via screws (or small studs or rivits) that would look super nice and would not deterorate over time like a photo type image would. incorporate his birth date and date of his passing, or just a nice sentiment would make an outstanding memorial to your late friend.
and last, but not least, my sympathies on the loss of your friend. his passing of his guitar says all that need be said of your relationship.


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My sympathies on the passing of your friend.

As for mounting the card you could have a frame built that would allow you to mount it inside on the case pocket cover.Or you could have it sealed and using contact glue mount it on the headstock area of the case.

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