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Author Topic: To Klon or not to Klon  (Read 1094 times)
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Alright, I recently bought a JHS Klon Clone.  For you electric guitar players lets get into this.  Not as an argument but friendly discussion(if we can). The Klon is the subject of so much debate and anger it amazes me.  I bought a JHS Klon used off Ebay.  This is JHS pedals clone version of the orginal Klon overdrive/boost which isn't in production at the moment.  JHS pedals has agreed that once the original Klon goes back into production that they will stop making their clone, but until then they will continue to make their Klon Clone.  Now first I like JHS alot. They're stand up people and produce great pedals.  JHS to my knowledge is the only Klon Cloner out there who has been contacted by the original builder Bill Finnegan and asked JHS to stop making their clone.  Now either it's because JHS version is just that good, or that it's becoming very popular very quickly.  Now for the record JHS isn't doing anything illegal and they don't make their money on this pedal.  They have thir own line of pedals that are just outstanding as well as a list of pedals the modify. 
So......I did buy a used JHS clone and still payed $10 more dollars than it's acutally worth brand new.  Thats just about the only way to get one these days without going to their website and ordering one and then waiting 4 weeks.  I paid $10 more and waited 3 days on ebay.  SOOOOO why are people so in an uproar that JHS clones this pedal, when there are loads of folks who build this pedal as a clone.  Also, the tubescreamer is probably the most cloned pedal and I don't hear folks bashing the tubescreamer.  The Klon was built in regular production from 1994-2009.

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