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Author Topic: David Ross Macdonald & his Southern Crossing CD  (Read 361 times)
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Sorry in advance ... this is a little long.  But worth it!  

I have been meaning to write an intro to the forum on this artist for quite some time but something always came up.  I am finally getting around to it.  If you don’t know this guitarist you are missing a really fine player and songwriter.  Actually, you may not know him as a guitarist as all.  You may know him as the drummer for the Australian group The Waifs.  Until recently, I did not know that he was a singer/songwriter.  I first ran across him as a fingerstyle guitarist when I discovered his “Southern Crossing: A Celelbration of Australian Handcrafted Guitars” album in 2008 or 2009.  It was shortly after I decided to start playing the guitar and I have listened to this album extensively.  I had downloaded it from Emusic and did not really know anything about him or the album.  One day, I did a CD Baby search to see if David had any other recordings and I discovered some really neat things about his Southern Crossing CD (he does have other recordings, BTW).

Long story short:  David took a laptop and traveled across Australia to play and record his own recordings on 12 different guitars built by some of Australia’s finest luthiers.  The result is an exceptional album of fingerstyle guitar playing and excellent compositions.  Learning about each luthier and guitar just made an already great recording more enjoyable.  CD Baby describes the album in this way:

   12 Australian handcrafted guitars, a sublime instrumental journey to soothe and inspire performed by Australian guitarist David Ross Macdonald.  Featured in ‘Acoustic Guitar Magazine’.

And it gets better.

David has made the music (notation and tab) available for purchase as a book or just the music as a PDF download.  I opted for the download (it was less expensive) and I really enjoy seeing AND hearing what I cannot play.  The print / page layout is very well done, clear and easy to read.  

This is similar to the Al Petteway album “Dream Guitars” except Al did not have to drive all over the U.S.  He just drove up (or down or over I suppose) the road to Dream Guitars.  Also an excellent recording that I highly recommend.  Tony McManus has also recorded a similar CD in collaboration with Dream Guitars.  His CD is called "The Maker's Mark" and will be in my library soon.

Anywho…  for those interested in finding out more, you can check it all out at David’s website

and his CD’s are available at that website as well as CD Baby and iTunes.  His website gives a great detail and information on each guitar and luther used on this project.  It is well worth going to.

If you love fingerstyle guitar, I highly recommend this CD.  Also, keep an eye on David’s tour schedule as it looks like he will be touring across Canada this fall (2012) via Home Routes.  


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