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Author Topic: Putting Larrivee pickups in a Gibson (*grin*) **NEW PICS ADDED**  (Read 4637 times)
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Med jumbos to me say's med fret as tail as possible.When I played a RS4 I knew that Matthew knew what he was doing,he got it right and they are the only humbucker I would use myself.When I get the funds together I'd like to order a pair of his mini humbuckers in a tele.Start with a strat style hardtail bridge,then everything else straight tele.

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SGs, to me, were always brighter and cut harder than LPs.  I was kinda surprised when I first tried one... I figured the hog would have kept much more low end.  Still baffles me, but that's the SG sound that well all know n love!



I really think a lot of it has to do with the thin SG body ... a lot less wood than on a Les Paul, and the longer neck hanging out there without as much contact as you have on a single cutaway LP body - I think it really makes a difference in how the string vibration gets translated through that little neck joint, into the body, and to the pickups.

Just one man's humble opinion...

(Sorry to dig up an old thread here...  whistling )

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