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Author Topic: Wild Honey "live"  (Read 325 times)
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Threw a recorder on the board Friday when we played out. Thought I'd share several songs that covers a decent portion of different styles we do.  Different than the original only stuff that I usually post. And we have fun!  I wasn't paying close enough attention so the rockers are a little overdriven into recorder, but not bad. I'll be more careful next time. There were a lot of people there although you can't hear em. In fact owner gave us a huge tip. That was cool.

simple kind of love. Slow and pretty
Piece of my Heart.   Angie's vocals took a little hit on recorder she not quite that raspy!
Glendale Train      Bluesgrass where I cut loose a little on lead. I like the last lead at end of song pretty good.
Kansas City        Blues.  Guess go with the old standard. I ad lib a lot. Angie thanks me for finding a good word to rhyme with luck on the fly.
Good lovin/ La Bamba   One of our party songs. I start with Good lovin and we morph it into La Bamba for Angie to finish. Often last song of night.

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