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Author Topic: iRig Mic and Vocalive  (Read 592 times)
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For folks who might be interested, I recently got an iRig Mic for under £40 from evilbay, as I thought it might offer a flexible recording solution within a limited budget.  It is a mic of similar spec and appearance to a Shure SM58, but with a micro plug designed for the 4 point input of the iphone or ipad (note - it won't work with anything else).  The micro jack also features a headphone socket for very low latency monitoring.

The mic itself has a switch with three input settings for different scenarios.  I have used it on medium, close mic'd to the guitar and for vocals, and on the high gain setting for recording both together.  Both gave excellent results for the price.

The mic works with a free app, called Vocalive, which is really good.  You can add additional effects and a 4 track recorder for between £1 and £3 each.  I have used a chorus effect and the 4 track recorder thus far, and the free reverb effect.  It provides a nice depth to vocals.

All in all, I'd wager there isn't a better or more flexible recording solution out there for under £40.  Worth a look if you have an iphone or ipad already.

I believe it is also compatable with garageband on the ipad, but it isn't available on the iphone (yet)

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