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Author Topic: Quality Control Issues?  (Read 7493 times)
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Surprised to hear some of these QC issues. I had two 03s from 07-08, an I have a 94 D-50 and a parlor probably from between '98 and 01 or 02. No problems with any of them; they exuded quality. The 94 needed a little fretwork when i got it, and I changed the setup. But that's to be expected after that long. Cost maybe a hundred bucks and change. I had the D-03's nut changed to try and widen the string spacing, but it was a fantastic guitar and sounded better than far more expensive instruments. The L-03RE was perfect right out of the box.
I'm sympathetic to anyone who's had these problems, but my experience, limited though it is, and that of a few nearby friends with Larrivees tells me that they are very consistent in quality.
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