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Author Topic: Bolt-on neck reset  (Read 9875 times)
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Oh, I know.  I've been. 

OK - then you do know.  Elderly is one of those few places where my self-discipline to stave off GAS can quickly dissolve and my knees go all weak at the ability to play so many cool instruments in a single visit.  I'm fortunate not to live near there any longer.  For me, it's almost a den of iniquity - too powerful to resist.

I have had setup work done on a couple of my electric guitars there just as an excuse to make the over-an-hour one-way drive from where I used to live.  It was then that I knew I had a problem.  I can say that I made it out of there the few times that I did go without spending several thousands on all of the absolutely cool guitars that they have in stock.  But I know myself well enough that with enough visits, I would be justifying way too many guitar purchases.

There's another place in Chicago, Chicago Music Exchange - that I must avoid when visiting, unless I have an accountability partner with me;  Someone who can hold my wallet while I drool.  It was there that I fell in love with an old Gibson SG playing through some kind of Orange combo amp.

Sorry for those with weaknesses.



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