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Author Topic: NGD - Voyage Air VAOM-06...and a question  (Read 429 times)
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« on: February 25, 2011, 01:51:43 PM »

Came home last night to see a box sitting in the snow by my back yard gate. It was my VAOM-06! UPS just left it there. Brought it inside and waited a couple of hours before beginning to open it up. No problems - in great shape!  Now my Larrivees can be spared traveling & going out in Ohio winters!

Unfolded it and checked the sound and the action after going over it in the bright light. Strings were shot, so I put a new set of Elixir Polyweb Lights on it and woke it right up. Nice tone - good note separation - surprising sustain. This one's a keeper, for sure... nice guitar

Now my question.....checking the VA website, I came across this statement:

"...For optimum playing performance we suggest that you let the guitar acclimate to the environment (temperature and humidity) in which it will be played. Then adjust the truss rod to set the action to the preferred height above the 12th fret."

Everything I've learned here and on other forums tells me you don't set the action with the truss rod. Is this proper for these guitars? Don't you simply ignore the nut (zero fret thing), set the relief with a feeler guage after the guitar has settled in, and finally adjust the saddle as needed?

Before it's suggested, I've already ordered a Bob Colossi compensated bone saddle.... I'm just wondering about the statement from Voyage Air about the action.

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