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Author Topic: idea for an rs-3?  (Read 3079 times)
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I've played a couple of his acoustic guitars - nice tone, but finish quality was not so great.  I could never bring myself to play one of the electrics or bass guitars.

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TA DA !  no Lefty's tho   
Wpete, how do you do that?    Too horny for me.  How about cut it back to half way between the stumpy version and your latest version.


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Well heck.  I guess as long as we're playin' fast and loose with the original design...

Perhaps a  happy medium with regard to a double cut... less severe than an SG but not as drastic as a strat-type....
A version that is a combination of a PRS double cut and a Carvin DC 150

You can imagine what the PRS is like.   Here's the Carvin version.  Kind of a compromise

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