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First impressions:

Classical - hard to say that I could hear a difference.

Larry L-03  - seems like it has more bottom end - almost as if it were a Dreadnaught.  I'm trying to think about how I could do a proper test, devoid of personal opinion and the problem of memory.

From a physics standpoint, there is no doubt in my mind that this thing should lower the natural Helmholtz resonance of the body of the guitar.  For those that want to bother looking, have a look at the wikipedia article on Helmholtz resonance:

Look at the equation derivation and go all the way to the bottom equation.  The O-Port should be associated with the variable 'L' in the equation, making the 'L'ength longer than the thin 1/8" thickness of the top of the guitar.  Put a bigger number in the denominator of an equation and what do you get?  A lower result.

If I had access to the sound test and analysis equipment I had at my previous job, this would be fairly easy - but alas, I don't have access to that any longer.


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Never tried it but the Irish are not known for their wine.   
Heh heh.
     I never tasted the O'Port but the MacPort is okay. Dry and a little smokey....... whistling
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