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Author Topic: Genz Benz Shen LT 60 vs. Lt 150  (Read 1076 times)
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« on: September 13, 2010, 08:47:19 PM »

I went to my local music shop and tried out a bunch of different amps yesterday ... Rolland AC 60 and AC 90, a couple of fender amps that I didn't care for, a Fishman Loudbox 100 and a Genz Benz LT 60. The Genz Benz was at the top of the list, but wasn't as loud as the Fishman Loudbox. The shop can order in a Genz Benz LT 150 for me, and I'm wondering if it will be louder than the Fishman. The amp will be used in a band situation where other instruments will be plugged in. Will it be loud enough to be heard? I also want to be able to plug in an ipod so that I can either listen to it by itself, or jam along with some tunes. I also can see myself getting some pedals in the future so that I can play around with the tone. Out of all the amps I played yesterday, the Genz Benz had the best tone and the most control over the tone. Will there be enough inputs for what I want to use this amp for? Is the LT 150 worth the extra money for tone control and volume, compared to the other amps I tried? Would love to hear from other Genz Benz owners/users.


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