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Author Topic: Eastman Pagelli PG2  (Read 2002 times)
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« on: August 07, 2010, 04:49:51 AM »

I have been remiss in posting pictures of this guitar (I got it about 4 months ago), so, first off, please accept...

After several YEARS on order, out of the blue, this showed up. It is an Eastman Pagelli PG2, built by Eastman and designed by Claudia and Claudio Pagelli of Switzerland.
And the stats:
Top is solid, hand carved spruce
Back and sides are solid, hand carved curly maple
Neck is 3 piece maple
Binding/purfling is rosewood
Bridge/Fingerboard/Tailpiece/Pickguard (finger rest)/tuner buttons are all ebony
Peghead faced in ebony
Pickups are a Kent Armstrong magnetic and a K&K Pure Archtop (soundboard transducers), wired to a stereo jack

The guitar is quite good acoustically, very loud and bright, but richer than many archtops (it is X braced rather than tone bars). If any thing, the guitar was too bright so I asked Bob Colosi to make an ebony saddle (it has a bone saddle in the photo) and this fattened up the tone a good deal while losing no volume (that I can tell). Although it is a 17" body, the asymetric design makes the guitar feel smaller and consequently, very easy to play. Plugged in, it is equally good. I now use phophor bronze strings on it because the Armstrong magnetic has adjustable pole pieces (it had nickels on it). I come out of the guitar with a Y cable into a K&K Dual Channel Pro preamp, mono out of the preamp to the mixer.

I think this is the only lefty around right now, the dealer has another on order, but he says Eastman is not showing much interest (the case is shaped like the guitar, so they had to make a lefty case also)! I think the art deco look of this guitar is very cool, surely many archtop traditionalists will be put off by it, and I understand.
 Enough talk, here it is:



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Beautiful! I'd love to hear some sound bytes... both acoustic and amplified.   nice guitar



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