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Author Topic: Help Finding A Ls, L-lite Or Om-lite?  (Read 920 times)
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« on: December 07, 2003, 02:57:57 PM »

Hi all, just need some help finding a smaller body guitar than my LV-02.  I'm looking for a size that's somewhat smaller than the Larrivee OM, but larger than the Parlor.   There are 2 issues.

(1) Price - I know in the U.S.(where I am), the LS-05, LS-09, LSV-05, LSV-09, however, since these are the 05 and 09 series, they go from $1300 dollars and up which for a beginner like me, is a waste of money(why I got the 02 series). Plus I like very plain looking guitars.

(2) Availability - since price is an issue.  After reading through some posts here, I realized that they have the 'Lite' series which I am unable to locate from online website or ebay.  I know they were made for the Japanese customer, so maybe I have to order them from oversea? If so, any reputable site you guys have ordered from?  Also, what price range am I looking at for the L-Lite and OM-Lite?

The last concern is the size; the L body has 16" lower bout, meaning L-Lite has 15".  The standard OM body has 15.25" lower bout, making the OM-Lite 14.25" which is maybe abit too close to the Parlor(I maybe wrong).  I would appreciate your thought and experience on this. Thank you.
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