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Author Topic: Shaving the Saddle at the B string  (Read 551 times)
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« on: April 29, 2010, 06:35:45 AM »

The B string again, this time not compensation, but the result of it and on the footprint itself.
When I changed strings last night on my J-05, I removed the saddle to smoothen out the top surface. I noticed that under the B-string a substantial amount of material was removed in a quarter moon shape about 1/4" wide and maybe 1/8" high. I then remembered hearing somewhere this is sometimes done to dampen a "loud B string" when plugged in, and in so doing improve overall string to string balance, and thinking about it, my logic tells me it might be because of added pressure from the B-string caused by a sharper break angle as a result of the closer to the string ball (compensated) position. I never thought that removing that much material was required though.
Is this common practice?
I have to say it sounds quite ok when playing acoustically, I wouldn't have noticed had I not seen the saddle for myself. Have to add that after I fitted those strings it is a totally different guitar - never ceases to amaze me - wow!!!
I Googled and found this article:
What are your thoughts guys - Rob, ever done this?

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I gotta say no.According to the poster it seems to work.I don't compensate the B string when I make a saddle because I believe that its not needed {ya I know I'll get s**t for this but}.I make sure that the saddle is flat on the bottom and haven't had the problem that of an over powering "B".Wish I could help here but sorry I can't.

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