Larrivee Ls 30 Classical Guitar

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Well, it is official.  The LS30 is now mine!  Now if I could just get a cutaway version for Jazz.   :D
This G.A.S. is killing me!! :o  

I think the guitar has a lot to do with how the strings sound and play.  You
have to experiment until you find the right combination.  I usually
avoid high tension strings, but my Pablo Quintana with high tension strings
plays as easy as other guitars with low tension.  I used normal tension on
the Larrivee because it had a stiffer feel, I guess because of the longer
scale length.  The Larrivee classicals vary quite a bit from guitar
to guitar.  I played one that Jean had built and it felt and sounded very
different from the cutaway that I owned.  The Larrivee classical that I
owned had a very thick neck (front to back) compared to other classicals I have played.  The thickness of the neck and the long scale length made
it difficult for me to play.  However, it sounded good.  I sold it to a
friend with several high end classicals and he agrees that for the money
it is a very nice guitar.

Congrats rsclosson, give us a review on the LS30 and some pics if you can

"At least the Larrivee is made by larrivee not by some un-named maker like some Ramirez guitars.  i really wish larrivee would reduce the scale length to the more typical 650mm but maybe a reason they keep them 660 is due to the average height of americans/canadians being a little taller than spanish therefore larger hands/fingers.   :unsure:"

Is there that much of a difference? 10mm overall is only 5mm to the 12th fret. That's less than 1/4". I notice the difference between a strat and a Gibson but that is 19mm which is almost double.


Congrats rsclosson, give us a review on the LS30 and some pics if you can

I posted some more initial thoughts here:

...more on the way.


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