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Author Topic: New triple comp. WAHI Saddle in.  (Read 450 times)
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« on: March 02, 2010, 07:56:35 PM »

I just got my West African Hard Ivory saddle from Bob Colosi for my Larrivee DV09. Sanded and put 'er in at 6/64ths bass & 4/64ths treble (up from 4/64ths & 2/64ths). This one has the triple compensation over that of just the "B" comp. that my FWI had. I also took a little tweak off the rod and of course, I am impressed!

I had a bit of an low "E" intonation issue with the old saddle and it sounded good but a little muddy in the upper mids to me. Good sustain and nice ring, just not as much separation and clarity. Could have been some of it was due to it being set pretty low too. Whatever it was it is gone. The intonation is spot on everywhere except less than a cent on the low "E" at the 12 th fret, I can live with that for sure, much better than it was.

The bass is pronounced and clean, nice thump to it and the highs are clear and have great sustain, much like the FWI. What I do notice is a cleaner balance across the strings with less thinness, a richer sound altogether. I also notice it is easier to play at different volume levels without losing the balance in the upper mids, it sounds, I guess richer is the right word, over the FWI. The fact it is a harder material was leading me to think it might be shriller or glassier but it's not, if anything it's cleaner but less harsh if that makes any sense.

It was a good move for me, I do highly recommend it over the FWI, especially at the same money. It is similar to the FWI but definitely not the same. A big Thanks to Mr. Colosi, great service and a fantastic product, again.

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