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Author Topic: Zoom H2...or others?? What do you use?  (Read 3512 times)
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I had a boss micro br and found it cmplicated and fiddly, but probably useful if you play electric too, as it has loads of effects etc.

I also had a zoom h2 which was great, simple to use and great sound. It can also be used as a USB mic straight into audacity etc, which was great for multi tracking

now I have the q3, which is brilliant. I got a package off eBay with a stand, 16gb card, power adaptor etc. It is thirsty on batteries, and doesn't work as a USB mic. The USB lead is very short, which is a bit awkward. There are downloadable updates from zoom that improve the picture quality.

It isn't a very high quality camera, but for prioritising sound quality it is excellent. For YouTube it is terrific fun.


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