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Author Topic: What about Takamine?  (Read 8733 times)
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I have had a few Tak's, still have's my opinion. They are awesome road guitars if you are in a band - they stay in tune, can handle rough treatment and the electronics are really good in a band environment. I keep mine just in case I have a reason to hit the road again (fat chance, but you never know). I'll bet you dollars to donuts that Springsteen doesn't record with his Tak.

The first time I played a "writers round" was when I realized the shortcomings in "Beverly" (yes, I name them all)...compared to the Taylor or Martin that were on either side of me, my guitar was sorely lacking in sustain, depth and "sweetness". Living in San Diego at the time, I immediately called a buddy that worked at Taylor and bought a guitar better suited for solo work.

So, I guess it depends on how you'll be using it: if you need a loud, dependable, rocking guitar, you'll be hard pressed to find better than a Takamine. If you're looking to play solo acoustic or in your living room with friends, I'd be amazed if it compared to your other guitars.

just my opinion, hope it helps.



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A agree with musicrowscott.  If you mostly play out or gig and you need a bullet-proof, plug-and-play guitar with descent on-board electronics that you won't have to worry about too much if a band make knocks it off its stand or spills a beer on it, they're great.  And, if you can live with the narrow neck widths found on most of them and the fact that they are usually not so powerful when not plugged in, then they're even better.  But, all that said, my Larrivee L-03RE meets most of the above criteria in terms of its "gigability" but, it also sounds like a million bucks in any setting, plugged in or not, and for me at least, it has a much better neck and nut width.  All for an equally reasonable price.     

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So Greg are you buying this guitar man? 

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