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Author Topic: 1948 Martin D18 profile  (Read 616 times)
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« on: January 30, 2010, 03:38:28 PM »

Today we have a distinguished 1948 Martin D18 added to our guitardatabase for your pleasure:

Warmest regards,

This is a 1945 D18 which conforms to the usual specs with the Spruce/Mahogany tonewood combination, mahogany neck. These instruments can be exceptionally powerful and articulate!

The prior owner had this to say:”This is a Magnificent Guitar, a Vintage 1948 D-18, and yes it is played a lot! It originates from the Professional players-side of my family and despite her “played” looks the guitar is in terrific condition. The Guitar is Adirondack topped, and has two (repaired) superficial surface/finish cracks one of them is more likely a deep scratch. both very old.

The finish is all the way original. This guitar sounds incredible and is by far the best D-18 i ever layed my hands on. It’s an icon of the family and it took me ten years to get hold of it. Her Loud, deep and resonant tones filled with sparkling high end chime and dynamics are sensations you will only have with very old guitars. It simply runs through your bones, it is that old time magic everybody’s talking about.

This is the way some 60 yr old look, its 100% rockandroll looks!( a lot like me in 10 years from now i guess) It’s played, used, battered but solid as a rock and ready to complete her first century! The guitar is equipped with Waverly tuners and has newer frets. Still has the original tortoise pickguard, Darkest brazilian fingerboard i ever seen, it actually looks like ebony!

The finish wear and buckle/button scars to the back and lower side are pretty clearly documented in the photos. No need for a reset of the neckreset yet. Still it is 61 yr old and soon she needs one in the near future. The neck however is straight and the string height is just right for flatpickers. SN#106550 Equipped with a highlander and comes with a 60s bluecase.”
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« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2010, 11:02:28 PM »

Gordon Lightfoot also owns and frequently plays a 1948 D-18 so don't underestimate it's abilities as a great finger picking guitar either. Just head over to you tube and you can find a few tunes being played. Really nice looking, well played guitar.


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