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Author Topic: Newtone Strings  (Read 793 times)
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« on: October 04, 2004, 08:20:03 PM »

I've commented on how long-lasting and good sounding these strings are in the past.  Just moved to Southern Spain from Malaysia and the OM1 has been in the UK on holiday for 5 weeks. Opened the case this weekend; it was still in tune and the strings sounded as good as when they were put on in the middle of June!  These strings really are good and half the price of coated strings. I have no connection with the manufacturer, except he's a Brit as am I!

While I was in the UK I had an opportunity to try some great guitars: Froggy Bottom, Brook, Lakewood among others. Definite GAS but difficult to justify when the OM1 is sounding so good.  Will probably get a Spanish built classical guitar from a local luthier here in Spain -   afro mmmmm Flamenco!

Larrivee OM-1
Seagull Grand
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